BAJMC (Electronic Media) Program of Department of Mass Communication is a three-year degree program spread across six terms which offers a systematic progression of hands-on audio visual production work along with theoretical papers that allow students to experience the full range of technical expertise, conceptual skills and artistic expression required to become accomplished media practitioners in digital era where media, art and communication converge, engaging a diverse landscape of screens, platforms and audiences.


The industry is in need professionals who are well trained, quick and competent in their work. Keeping this virtue in mind, the Dept. of Mass Communication has take an initiative to abreast the students with lots of practical work relevant to this industry.

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An initiative by the department wherein students create content for various show formats. The department maintains a Youtube channel by the name Prestige Media Indore and Instagram page media.prestige, which have a regular update of production works done by the students.



Students on regular basis produce news bulletin which is updated in our YouTube channel and Instagram page. The news is collected, edited, presented and edited by the students themselves.

Talk shows

Students have hosted multiple chat shows with celebs ranging from web-series, script writers, rappers and ad directors.


Formal interactions are also in our treasure for studio work, meeting and interacting some of the best of the best from Politics, Media, Entertainment, Bollywood industry, trade and commerce etc.


An in-house radio channel ran by the department wherein youth centric content is delivered almost thrice a week. The shows are also uploaded on our YouTube channel as well.

Short Films and Music Albums

Subjective short films which are intriguing and hold a special message for society have been made time after time on various topics ranging from Women, Social issues, Patriotism, Country, Youth etc. We submit these movies to film festivals taking place across the country.


We also enrich our students on making an in-house newspaper. Right from the content part to design and layout, everything is done in-house to create epaper “Prestige Media”