Documentaries provide an insightful window into the world around us, allowing us to explore and understand different cultures, religions, and perspectives. From exploring spirituality in India to highlighting social issues in Africa, documentaries have the potential to impact viewers deeply. They provide a sense of direction in the form of scripting and editing that brings out powerful stories that can move people emotionally. Documentaries related to travel, spirituality & social issues offer a unique perspective on life and what it means to be human.

Short Films &
Music Videos

Short films have become a powerful medium of expression and storytelling. They allow filmmakers to bring important topics to the attention of societies around the world, often in a subjective and thought-provoking way. From stories about women empowerment and social issues, to patriotism and country pride, short films have been used to tackle a wide variety of topics that hold special meaning for society.

We submit our movies to film festivals across the country, taking great pride in our work and believing that our films will be well-received by audiences everywhere. We have carefully crafted each movie for its unique audience, creating a unique cinematic experience.