Embracing Every Body : A Journey Against Body shaming

Date: 2nd Nov 2023

By Sakhi Joshi In a world obsessed with appearances, the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards often leads to body shaming. Body shaming can affect individuals of all shapes and sizes, causing emotional distress and impacting their self-esteem. However, amidst this societal challenge, a powerful movement has emerged – one that promotes body positivity […]


Navigating the Complexities of Gender Equality

Date: 31st Oct 2023

By Agam Wadhwani There is no rare image of reverse sexism nowadays, it is applicable and picked up in recent film concepts just to make the public crazy about why it is generating difficulty for both Male and Female in the Institutes where they study and in Jobs they are recruited in their recent application […]


Traveling solo to explore more of yourself

Date: 26th Oct 2023

by Suhani Jaiswal Solo traveling is a transformative journey that allows you to explore not only new destinations but also the depths of your own soul. When you embark on a solo adventure, you find yourself disconnected from the familiar comforts and routines of daily life, thrust into a world of independence and self-discovery. As […]


Unleashing the hidden gems

Date: 24th Oct 2023

by Shagun Jain Exploring hidden gems is a delightful way to travel. These lesser-known destinations often offer unique cultural experiences and natural beauty. Offbeat attractions include local markets, art installations, or historical sites that aren’t widely advertised. Charming small towns provide an authentic taste of local life, away from the bustling tourist crowds. Researching hidden […]