Navratri: A Celebration of Divine Feminine Energy

by Agam Wadhwani

Navaratri, the nine nights to worship goddess Durga in her divine form.  It is believed that in the month of chaitra she comes and gives human blessings and makes earths prosper as she is a form of goddess parvati she is often seen as a goddess to grow and preserve the environment as a part of the natural cycle. She is shakti in two forms, cosmic energy and near vision form of energy. She keep safety of heaven and provides blessings and rejuvenates the brightness of heaven which makes devatas kingdom  immortal  to abolish all the bad sins on earth by different forms of astaras. In every Asian country and in India she is known by different names that originated from literature,  people’s beliefs and vedas, which leads to every woman’s respect since ancient times . mainly she is worshiped in paroksha form.

She is worshiped in different forms of navadurga, she is known as parvati, a daughter of mountains. She was born at the kingdom of king Himavanta  in himalayas, and when she grew younger to marry lord shiva’s after taking rebirth from sati. King Shaila wants a boon to have goddess parvati born in the form of his daughter that’s why she is known as Shailaputri. 

Brahmacharini is an ascetic goddess after thousand years of penance and tough meditation like any of the devotees in Sadhavi roop with hard work which none of the ordinary person can do, she wants lord Shiva to accept her as his wife and live together till eternity. She is a warrior goddess before killing demon Mahishasura she took a form with downward direction and blessed sage Kashyapa. That’s why she is called Chandraghanta. 

Goddess Kushmanda created universe when universe were about to destroyed by sin of asura so she created universe with her gentle effort she is a symbol of motherhood also she grew plants with help of lord brahma according to vishnu purana. She sits on a lion with her son lord Kartikeya or lord Skanda, a god of war; she is also a symbol of prosperity.  It is believed that those who worship this goddess get blessings from lord Skanda also. 

She is also a goddess of war who defeats all evil spirits and provides wealth, prosperity and misery. She has big hairs with corpses, garland and curved sword. She killed demon Shumbh and Raktabeeja Nishumbh from It and drank their blood to defeat them and teach them a lesson. She is a symbol of women empowerment and fearlessness.She sits on a cow and she is a symbol of purity and nourishment with glowing skin that’s why she is known as mahagauri.

On the last day of Navaratri, she blesses with whole positive powers and a boon which is unfulfilled for their devotees. This festival is to forget a sin, go forward to succeed and to learn about oneness of people’s beliefs and not having any discrimination.